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Olimpia Dolce



design by King & Miranda

Rotary compressor
Two-circuit compact unit
Electronic control for ideal
Motorized grid control
Electrical heater
Design by King & Miranda

Cooling Capacity
Btu/h-W 8.000-2.320

Heating Capacity W/h 1.750

Dehumidification l/h 1,1

Air volume m3/h 350

Ventilation speeds - 2

Dimensions (hxwhl)
mm 855x470x485

Weight Kg 40

Refrigerant (for dark grey model) R22

Refrigerant (for ivory model)

8.000 BTU/h high efficiency - Thermal efficiency = 95%
The DolceClima is the mobile air-conditioner with the highest efficiency. Design as a fixed conditioner, it optimises the condensor and evaporator circuits, giving high thermal efficiency.
Immediate Comfort
DolceClima provides the desired tempreature in less than 10 minutes, bringing the room temperature and R.H. to optimal levels.

Easy to Use
To start receiving cool comfort in just a few seconds (at a very low noise level of 39 decibels), all one needs to do is press the DolceClima's single button, which turns the unit on and automatically opens the grille.

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